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Sun Engineering

Earthing Electrodes

Sun Earthing Electrodes (Maintenance Free) are an innovative and Eco- friendly product which is made using the best quality products. Sun Earthing Electrodes (Maintenance Free) are as per IS: 3043-1987, clause 9.2.1, 9.2.8 and 9.3. Earthing Electrodes are strong, reliable, durable and are resistant to corrosion. They also have a low maintenance cost and there is smooth dissipation of fault, lightning and short circuit currents.

The Need for Earthing
Earthing of Grounding is the most important component in an electrical circuit. It is necessary to eliminate electrostatic discharge which can destroy sensitive equipment and disrupt power supply. The primary objectives of earthing are: to activate safety devices under fault conditions; to control radio frequency emissions and electro magnetic interferences; to provide stable reference potential for instrument accuracy; to provide safe discharge path for short circuit and lightning currents.

Why Earth Resistance Should Be Low?

  • Sun Earthing Electrodes Manufactured from Mild Steel 'B' which is hot dip galvanized.
  • Tested for Independent testing laboratories Central power Research Institute (CPRI).
  • Standard:- Sun engineering make Maintence Free Earthing Electrodes is designed as per IS: 3043.

Sun Earthing Electrodes are Filled with Highly Conductive and Anticorrosive Mixture
It contains natural elements, which are highly conductive as well as anti corrosive

Advance Back fill compound
Sun Earthing Electrodes comes with a great Advance Back fill compound. It is an excellent ground enhancer. When water is added to the Advance Back fill compound, it swells substantially. Consistently holds its own shape and adheres to any surface. These capabilities resolve the issues of compatibility of soil-rod contact that is crucial to an earthing system. There is no need to recharge the pits in normal soils. Advance Back fill compound contains soil friendly materials.

Advance Back fill compound maintains moisture with in the sphere of influence of the electrode, resulting in lower earth resistance, which cannot be obtained from any other earthing system. Advance Back fill compound enhances the surrounding soil conductivity there by making the earthing reliable and effective.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Low electrical resistance as per soil
  • Resistance to Corrosion
  • Repeated current carrying capacity and continuity
  • Provides stable reference
  • Ideal earthing system for all kinds of earthing applications
  • Safety of life and property form earth related electrical hazards
  • Strong, Reliable, Long Life
  • Less Maintenance
  • Saving on maintenance
  • Smooth dissipation of fault, lightning and short circuit currents


  • Telecommunication Towers and Microwave Antennas
  • Transmission & Distribution Systems
  • Substation and Power Generating Station
  • Transformer Neutral Earthing
  • Equipment Body Earthing
  • Sensitive Electronic Machines
  • Lighting Arrestor Earthing
  • Data Processing Centres
  • Refineries and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Food Processing & Water Treatment Plants
  • Industries
  • Residences
  • Wherever Electrical Safety is Needed
  • Wherever Electrical Safety is Needed
  • Use in place of plate Earthing.


Location of Earth Pit & Soil Resistivity
The location of earth pit contributes to earth resistance value to a great extent. Soil resistivity will be high in sandy and rocky areas and in areas where there are obstructions like buildings, and in places where the soil is made up. Therefore, the earth resistance value (ohmic value) of an earth electrode will depend upon the resistivity of the soil in which it is installed. The factors determining the soil resistivity are the physical composition of the soil, moisture in soil, dissolved salts in water, rock formations/obstructions beneath the soil or near about the area of influence of the electrode, and current magnitude. Earth resistance value will be appreciably low in good soil. Sun Earthing Electrodes (Maintenance Free)

Cost Comparison

  • Maintenance cost of any earthing system will be 2 to 3 times more than the one time cost of Sun Earthing Electrodes (Maintenance Free).
  • Think seriously - Electricity kills many people every year the world Over- Take Action
  • A Current of 50mA (barely enough to make a low wattage lamp even glow) is sufficient enough to send your heart into a state called "ventricular fibrillation". In this state the heart muscles work out of synchronization with each other.
  • Little or no blood is pumped. Unless help is immediately at hand, Death is certain within a few minutes.
  • Electricity is a good servant. At the same time it is a ruthless killer. We have to ensure that it is kept under control.


Earthing Electrodes Installation
Sun Engineering is the leading name. We perform excellently in our earthing installation services and everyone demands them from us on a large scale. Our team of professionals follows the ideal procedure for installation with all safety backups involved. Installation services can be availed at competitive prices and also well within the stipulated time.

In normal soil conditions installation can be done as under
Make an 8 inch or 10 inch dia bore to a suitable depth in the soil to match the electrode length. From the dug out soil, remove the lumps and stones. If necessary sieve the soil to remove foreign materials. Mix the Advance Back Fill Compound with the soft soil and put a handful of the mix into the pit. After removing the plastic sleeve, place the electrode in the pit. Thereafter throw two or three kgs of the Advance Back Fill Compound soil, into the pit around the electrode and add a bucket of water. Poke the pit with a long pole around the electrode for a few minutes to enable the trapped air to escape. In this manner continue the earth filling process till the entire electrode stands firmly in the pit. Ensure that the consistency of the Advance Back Fill Compound is pasty and not watery.

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Sun Earthing Electrodes (Maintenance Free) is capable of giving earth resistance value below 2 ohm under normal soil conditions. It will give a good earth resistance value when compared to conventional earthing. However, it all depends on the resistivity of the soil where the electrode, is installed.

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